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Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover

Unlike Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover is geared towards looking after you while you’re alive. In terms of how to structure the cover, there are many factors to consider as there are with Life Insurance (see Life Insurance section for examples).


Above all, it’s vital that you understand how your policy works, as Critical Illness Cover can vary from insurer to insurer. Some companies cover more illnesses and conditions than others and certain companies have much better definitions for the illnesses they cover.


In addition to this, dependant on your health, lifestyle and occupation, some companies may apply exclusions on the policy making it a weaker product compared to other insurers.


With all the above to consider, it’s important to get expert advice from an experienced, qualified consultant to ensure you’ve chosen the right product that works for you and your family when you really need it.

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We have many decades worth of experience across our staff and partners with the primary focus on Protection.


With our understanding of Inheritance Tax Solutions, Tax Efficient Business Protection, Critical Illness and Life Cover, and Income Protection, we can provide you with a no obligation free, friendly service, so contact us now for your free quotation.

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