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Human vs Robot In The Protection Market

In recent years the popularity, scope and breadth of online aggregators has grown vastly, and in a world where we have most things available at our fingertips, it’s easier, faster and more convenient to simply apply and buy Protection Products online.

Or so we thought.

Though online comparison sites and quoting systems are great to get indicative prices, not everyone will actually end up with the price, or the cover, they thought was available to them. This is largely down to health, lifestyle and occupation disclosures they have made on the application.

Furthermore, by being Declined, Postponed or given Special Terms (which usually means either a higher price than anticipated, or exclusions being applied to the policy, or in some cases both), it can open a can of worms when applying with other companies as one on the questions on some Insurers Application Forms are “Have you ever been Declined, Postponed or given Special Terms…”. When you answer “Yes” to that question, the Insurer can request Medicals and/or Doctors reports to those who are applying for cover.

So, how can this be avoided you may ask?

Well, the best thing to do is to speak to a qualified professional. By qualified, they should be allowed to give you advice by having passed the Insurance Code Of Business (ICOB) and preferably have an RO5 or CFA qualification.

By speaking to such an individual, you can tell them about your health, lifestyle and occupation before you make any applications and they will know the best insurer to go to based on what you’ve told them. They will, in most cases, speak to underwriters to discuss your case to give you an accurate price and whether they’ll be any exclusions even before you’ve applied. This is so important, particularly with Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection.

Other areas a qualified Advisor will be able to explain are the different definitions that are used by Insurers for Income Protection Policies and also the strength and quality of Critical Illness Cover between different providers based on their definitions used for the conditions they cover.

If you buy online, you may think you have robust cover, but you may not. Please don’t wait until you need to make a claim before you find out. Speak to a qualified professional and get the peace of mind you and your family deserve – after all that is what you’re paying for.  Call us on 0800 051 9114, email us at or use fill our online form and we’ll call you back.

There are no fees and all information, quotes and advice we give is free.

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