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Why We’re So Sure About Recommending The Right Critical Illness Policy For You

As you’ve probably already learned from the Fi-Protect website, there are so many factors to consider when choosing a provider for Critical Illness Cover. You’ve probably also done some research yourself and perhaps even spoken to a Financial Advisor about which policy is the best. The truth is, there is no one company who is the best for everyone and also, Critical Illness Cover providers are constantly changing their policies.

Anyone who has had a loved one affected by a Critical Illness or is affected by a Critical Illness themselves will know that it’s not just the individual it touches, it’s the whole family, their work, their friends and their lifestyle which is affected.

Factors such as combining your age with the term of the policy and the associated claims statistics need to be taken into account, whether you have children (as many policies have excellent children’s cover included for free), if you’re classed as a smoker and many many more factors need to be deliberated.

At Fi-Protect, we will ensure your advisor provides you with not only expert advice, but also an independent report from CIExpert which will illustrate why the recommended policy is the best choice for them.

CIExpert are a completely independent organisation who take into consideration the above mentioned factors (and much more) when collating information to create the best recommendation for you. Most Financial advisors will expect you to just take their word for the advice they give, and those that do use CIExpert will often charge you for it.

Contact Fi-Protect today and we will ensure you get a free CIExpert report with your Critical Illness quote so you have absolute peace of mind when it comes to your Critical Illness Cover.

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